Are children’s homework really important when schools are closed?

Past week, we took a forced vacation because the kids were out of school for spring break. We drove to the grandparent’s place, a small city in Louisiana called Youngsville. There is not much for the kids to do there except small community parks etc. So during the moments whenever we  attempted to sit down to do some work, the kids would resist and claim that the schools are closed and hence no homework.

But as a parent, I wondered that even though the children may not be excited to do any homework, no matter how trivial the assignment, they’ll be learning something valuable. By assigning homework, teachers help students exercise important time management skills that are crucial to their success as an adult. As adults, we need to be able to manage our time effectively so we have time to enjoy the things we love most.

Read on to see what mother and teacher Jessica Lahey  for the New York Times has to say on the subject of homework in an article called:

I Hate Homework. I Assign It Anyway.


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