Teaching Your Child to Read

Back in the days when my elder one was three to four year old, I used to read her a book every single day. The main reason for doing so was to instill a habit of reading and to increase vocabulary and comprehension. Now there is hardly a day goes by when she goes to sleep without either reading a book or a book being read to her.

Recently I bought a Kindle to encourage more reading. (Although I strongly wanted to go for the Kindle Touch but settled with the Kindle Fire because of the color screen. The color screen makes all the difference in reading the picture books which my younger one enjoys.) And have seen an increased motivation in my children to read more because of the easy access to hundreds of books, sometimes free.

I also try to find websites that helps children to learn while playing. Below are some of the best reading sites I have run across:

Mrs. P – Chosen a Best Website by the American Library Association
Starfall – A free public service to teach children to read with phonics.
Reading Eggs –  It’s got over a 100 lessons, starting from the very basic (alphabet recognition) and moving on up to simple grammar.

What kind of websites/trick do you use to encourage reading for your child? Share some of them below in the comments section.


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