Education in America is going digital

I recently attended a parent-teacher conference for my 8 year old. We basically discussed ways to keep my daughter engaged during the summer break, which is so looooong. One of the statements the teacher made  during our conversation took me by surprise. She stated that she has been teaching for the past 15 years and sees a dramatic shift in the use of technology in the education field.

I am aware that laptops are slowly replacing pens and paper in learning institutions across America, and there are good reasons why!  Video explanations and built in dictionaries make text books much better learning tools. Remember how tedious it was to read through your grade 9 history text? Well imagine being able to watch historical reenactments or navigate American expeditions as you learn about them! Even the fed is pushing the schools to embrace digital books in lieu of printed books [Feds’ challenge to schools: Embrace digital textbooks].

But what worries me is how do I prepare my kids to be ready for that change. Is it just sufficient to buy Kindle (or iPad or some other tablet) and encourage them to do their reading/writing on it? Or should I be doing something else? What would you do? Leave your comments in the comment section below.


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