What can I do?

This is one of the most frequent question I keep getting asked by my children day in and day out. With the summer break, the frequency has risen to ‘drive-me-nuts’ level. I am constantly asking questions of Google/Bing to find activities/trips/stuff for the kids to do. Sometimes I am lucky and sometimes I am at the mercy of my own creation. I have compiled some of the things I have run into while doing these searches. Hope you find them useful. I will add to them as I find more. If you have some of your own, add it to the comments section and provide relief to other parents.

Free (almost) Movies
Free Movies @ the Allen Library
Allen library is screening free movies every Tuesday in June and July. Check out the schedule/listings here.
This site aggregates all the activities/events around Allen and nearby cities. Check it out regularly to find one that you would like to visit.
Check out the great glass sculptures by artist Dave Chichuly at the Dallas Arboretum
Write a book
You can have your talented kids attempt to create their own book at the website Little Bird Tales

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