What are we so busy with?

This blog update is overdue. What am I so busy with?

There have been a number of times when I have had to pick between working on something versus interacting with my daughters – whether it be playing with them, taking them somewhere, reading it to them or just having plain simple fun. On many of those occasions, after I have had a chance to glimpse at their sad faces, I tried to reflect on myself and ask the question “What am I so busy with?”. And most of the times I found that the thing that took my time away from my daughters were un-important. It was either checking messages on Facebook/Twitter, responding to emails, or taking care of some stuff that I bought.

I do suffer from the disease of constantly checking my emails, but the most worrisome part of my life is busy taking care of stuff that I have accumulated over the past several years. I recently ran across a great article by Joshua Becker on his realization of too many possessions that takes time away from the things he enjoys the most. For full story, hit the link here.

Since running across Josh’s blog, I have committed to reduce my belongings and enjoy the things that I like to do. What would you do?


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