Why this blog?

Blogs have been around for several years. Like many others, I was sold by the hype surrounding it and attempted to create blogs two times in the past, but failed.

First time I created a blog was to document my journey to the 2012 Olympics being held at London. Soon after launching my blog and learning about the cost of a trip to UK, the flame of watching the Olympics live started to die. I still went ahead and registered myself on CoSport (the agency responsible for selling tickets to the general public) to get tickets for at least the opening or the closing ceremony. When CoSport finally began to invite registered users for submitting the request for the tickets, I finally learnt the prices/process of the ticket and that I can only get 2 tickets per family. That put an end to my desire of going to UK to watch Olympics, and hence the death of the blog. It is still out there somewhere with 1 or 2 posts on it.

Second time I created a blog was when I was searching for a full-time work. I must have a blog – so I was told – by which I can communicate to my would be employers. But I soon realized what I had learnt in my prior job searches that finding a job is finding the right person who could connect you to the right employer – all networking. And so my personal blog didn’t even get off to the ground.

This is my third attempt and I think it will be different this time. Different because I feel I have something to blog about. Blogs are opinion of individuals/corporation and there are going to be as many blogs as there are opinions.

So what do I have to blog (opine) about? Having two children, ages 8 and 5, I am always making decisions on their behalf that will affect how and what they will become when they reach adolescence. And I am constantly afraid of making those decisions because I am not sure if those are right – partly because I am learning parenting on the go.

So this blog will mostly be about the journey of making decisions about the children’s education. Ride along if interested.